Me Though I also draw and create graphic arts, photography is my favorite form of expression. I couldn’t possibly imagine my life without the ability to capture life through images. I see everything as a picture and I go everywhere with my camera(s) & lenses.

I have been taking pictures for over half my life now (and professionally for over 6 years). My photographic style remains bright, colorful and full of life and is a reflection of who I am. Even as a “seasoned” photographer, I never stop learning. I aspire to improve my craft with each click of my shutter and I am a pseudo perfectionist photographer. I strive to truly capture the essence of whomever or whatever I am shooting and tell a story with the picture. My creative side further comes out to play during the post-processing and editing of the images.

Travel and Photography have been the perfect matrimony in my life. As I travel (60 countries and counting), I delight in capturing images of people, sights and things in the places I go. I have made the world my personal studio.

This portfolio serves as a way to share a glimpse of just a few of some of my favorite images I have captured over the years as well as a tribute to the people and places that I have been fortunate enough to photograph. Thank you – my gratitude knows no limits.

I hope you enjoy viewing. Thanks for visiting! : )

- Lola Banjo, Visual Artist


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