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Maserati unveils Kubang..

Maserati goes BIG! literally..

The Kubang concept was first revealed in 2003, and after an 8 year hiatus, the production model was revealed this week at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Kubang has come out with mixed reviews. There are some who have accused the Italian automaker of “going German”, while some argue Maserati should not be in the SUV business, but rather stick with coupes and luxury sedans. I personally love the Kubang! I don’t see a reason why Maserati shouldn’t be allowed to play in the SUV market. In my opinion, it doesn’t diminish their high end appeal, neither does it cannibalize on anything in their portfolio. This is a completely new revenue stream to Maserati, so I see it as a great opportunity on their end. Maserati’s CEO goal is to produce 20,000 of the SUVs a year in an ambitious bid to boostMaserati’s worldwide sales to 40,000 by 2014, from 6,400 in 2010.

Depending on how they are priced (I forsee them being priced to compete with the Porsche Cayenne S or Turbo), I think this could be a realistic goal.

And I’m assuming all the time that elapsed between the unveiling of the concept and the production model means Maserati really took their time to produce a quality product (especially since SUVs aren’t their expertise).

I am personally excited to test drive the Kubang when it comes out next year!


*Specs aren’t yet available, but it is rumored to be released with a V-12 engine and 400hp in the base model.